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    After the approval of the name, online declaration of registration of establishment, such as a series of bidding procedures, Dongying city Lu Yu Sea Engineering Technology Research Institute in May 23, 2014 to complete the registration, obtaining the registration certificate.
    Dongying city Lu Yu Sea Research Institute of Engineering Technology Group founded by Lu Yu, a registered capital of 2000000 yuan, is committed to the plastic products, equipment research and development and engineering and technical services; automatic control and industrial robot research and engineering and technical services.
    Dongying city Lu Yu sea engineering technology research institute "based on talents, technology pilot, provide engineering and technical services" for the purpose of quality. Through the construction, can realize the enterprise to the multi field rubber and plastic equipment, automation equipment successfully expand, but also to achieve a variety of products, complete production chain, as well as to the long-term planning for the future development of the enterprise.
    Dongying city Lu Yu Sea Engineering Technology Research Institute at the national industrial policy and technology policy under the guidance of the implementation of open, operation mechanism, flow, mainly through the cooperation with universities and research institutes to carry out, for related industries, enterprises to undertake engineering research and development tasks, the implementation of paid services, and gradually realize the benign cycle of self development. Specifically the following aspects of work tasks:
    1, sufficient accumulation of innovation elements, organic integration to strengthen enterprise internal and external innovation resources, to create a conducive to attracting, training and the use of innovative talent environment, establish and improve the independent innovation of organization, the management system and operation mechanism.
    2, we must carry out a series of technological innovation, strengthen the forward-looking technology research, carry out scientific and technological research and industrialization, promote enterprise innovation by imitation, tracking changes to the independent innovation, continuous research and development of a market prospects and competitive with independent intellectual property rights of the new technology, new technology and new products.
    3, through scientific research, industrial development, introduction, digestion, absorption, re innovation and development strategy research and a series of activities in science and technology, and constantly promote enterprise technology progress, constantly enhance independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, become the core base of support and promotion of their own development.
    Drafting and revising work 4, actively participate in national and industry standards, licensing other enterprises to reasonable use of their own intellectual property, for the industry organizations to carry out technical training, communication and promotion of achievements, and promote industry progress together.