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    Warm congratulations on the shandong sajduda suye held 2013 annual national distributor meeting, general manager of victory
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    In February 16th, the Spring is in the air. days, Shandong Luyu plastics industry (Group) Limited company held the 2013 annual national distributor general manager meeting in Dongying Hotel, more than 90 dealers from across the country more than 200 people participated in this event.
    In recent years, according to the management and development strategy of the enterprise, rely on the strong support of the community and help, the company continues to expand the scale, rich product line, the introduction of ERP to optimize enterprise management, strict product quality, for the national market, to explore the marketing model of differentiated services, build enterprise core competitive ability, catered to the high-end demand national distributors and end users, enterprises realize the rapid development and cross. The company has won the Shandong famous brand, building materials industry 500 strong, the national Shou contract re credit enterprises such as the honorary, approved in 2011 Shandong Province Plastics piping systems engineering technology research center, in 2012 the company upgraded by Chinese plastics processing industry association director unit as the vice chairman of the unit, the status of the industry significantly enhanced.
    Construction company in manufacturing in Dongying Development Zone East Road eight investment covers an area of 400 acres of Sea Rubber Equipment Co. Ltd., sea in Jiangxi Pingxiang investment covers an area of 200 acres of Jiangxi Lu Yu Plastic Co., Ltd is an orderly, corporate planning in 3-5 years, respectively in Northwest Henan, northeast Anhui, Western Inner Mongolia, Western Liaoning, central Heilongjiang voted to build a 5 branch, the realization of "management strategy layout in situ production, on-site sales", continue to increase market share and influence, do do greatly strong plastic pipe market.
    During this session, in response to the majority of dealers to suggestions and demands of the annual meeting, the agenda company Innovation Conference, with the help of this annual meeting reunion opportunity, introduced the Lu Yu series products Rangli promotion policy and spring site published order procedure, to take practical action to repay and gratitude you general manager and the team of outstanding contribution rate of rapid development for Lu Yu brand promotion and Lu Yu, practice sharing enterprise achievements Lu Yu development mission. This will pin ended, the marketing idea innovation company to develop, innovation for the future of dealer meeting laid a good foundation. With the aid of the dealer meeting held successfully, all the marketing staff in 2014 will strive to open up the market, innovative marketing ideas, to complete the company's annual set sales targets.