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    August 11~12 day, my area "new 'four million mu of' water saving irrigation engineering technology support project" in Hohhot start, implementation scheme of the examination work is also carried out simultaneously.
    It is understood, in 2010 August, the government of the autonomous region to the implementation of the new "four million mu of" water saving irrigation engineering decision. Through the "four million mu of" water saving irrigation project implementation, to 2020, the total size of the water-saving irrigation will reach 60000000 mu, agriculture and animal husbandry of irrigation water amount control in the 15000000000 cubic meters. The stability of grain production capacity in more than 50000000000 pounds, irrigation forage grass in a stable production capacity of more than 21000000000 pounds. The main task is to complete a comprehensive construction: 10000000 acres of large and medium irrigation water-saving transformation tasks; fully completed 10000000 acres of well irrigation water-saving transformation tasks; fully completed 10000000 acres of dry land to paddy field irrigation district construction task; fully completed 10000000 acres of pastoral area of water-saving irrigation forage grass supporting construction tasks. The key to solve the inheritance and extension of the existing water saving technology and agricultural planting technology, agricultural technology, carry out field corn planting technology, water-saving irrigation technology, agricultural agricultural technology integrated technology research and demonstration research, development of groundwater over exploitation in water environment monitoring and assessment work and water-saving irrigation integrated technical standard system construction.
    According to introduction, the project involves the 7 Union City, 8 counties, demonstration research covers agricultural area, animal husbandry areas, well irrigation area in our region, the total project funds 15000000 yuan, is the first major project of Inner Mongolia Hydraulic Research Institute in history, is my area of water research rare items. The water conservancy project organization, agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural machinery, management, policy research and technical personnel research collaboration of different disciplines.