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    Sinopec first PPS staple fiber production line drive success at a time
    Article source : LUYUGROUP Add time : 2015-01-07 Page view:
    Recently, Sinopec's first polyphenylene sulfide staple fiber production line in Tianjin Petrochemical a driving success, the project is the headquarters of the scientific research project.
    Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is the late twentieth Century development has superior heat resistance, good chemical resistance and electrical properties of flame resistance, excellent and good dimensional stability of thermoplastic resin. If chemical resistance is better than that of Aramid 1313 fiber, polyimide special fiber, at 200 DEG C do not dissolve in any solvent in the chemical stability, second only to become "king of plastic" Teflon, good chemical corrosion resistant material, therefore, once published, which caused the industrial field, especially in the field of high temperature filtration attention, become the coal-fired power plant flue gas dust removal and city garbage incineration preferred filter factory exhaust filter. Many excellent properties of PPS fiber to make its use being developed, filter material in chlor alkali industry, electronic industry, the coated dielectric materials, heat resistant and flame retardant materials in aerospace industry are gradually adopted PPS fiber products, demand around the world PPS fiber is therefore increased year by year, have good market prospects.