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    Cleaning the mouth or mouth work? Should be how to set up?
    Article source : LUYUGROUP Add time : 2015-01-07 Page view:
    Debris clogged pipes, convenient inspection repair, cleaning, in the pipeline with clean mouth and a check port.
    The bottom 1 of the stand pipe should be set up checkpoints, ground 1m away from the center of check point;
    2 in the average winter temperatures below -10 DEG C area, riser should also at the top is provided with a check port;
    3 Li Ke in floor corner, should be set up checkpoints, or cleaning the mouth;
    4 in the water flow angle less than 135 degrees to the horizontal branch, should set the inspection port or cleaning the mouth;
    The 5 connecting four or more than four toilets, sewage cross tube should sweep mouth;
    6 horizontal pipe line distance is too long, should be set up checkpoints or cleaning the mouth.