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    Shandong grand launch sajduda group, internal trainer selection
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    In order to understand, the development and utilization of the group internal intelligence resources, realize the integration of internal resources, make full use of group knowledge sharing atmosphere, which not only provides training and development stage for employees, more companies to promote new products, the dissemination of new ideas to provide talents reserves, Human Resources Center Group Corporation started internal instructor selection activity in September 11th the aim of the activity is to actively, training and construction company is a professional internal trainer team. To this end, the company has established a special jury responsible for internal lecturer, lecturer selection, evaluation and daily management.
    This activity has been attached great importance to the group of leaders at all levels, group chairman printing is more of the total person will start site and made an important speech, Indian general pointed out that the current group in a stage of rapid development, to build internal lecturer is bound to spread, the company enterprise culture of new technology and new skills to play an important role, at the same time print total of candidates put forward high standards, I hope the trainees seriously, actively participate in, make full use of the opportunity to enhance internal trainer selection and self training, to contribute to the development of the group.
    After the internal trainer group was set up, will undertake the enterprise subsidiary of grade one and grade two, training, and enterprise, products and technical aspects of the market promotion and the task to explain, is the enterprise in the future construction of learning organization, teaching professional knowledge, strengthen terminal effective communication weight strength. At the appointed time, lecturer members not only to accept the company arranged lecture tasks, but also need to accept special training company unified arrangements, and in the company's requirements and guidance to develop new training topics and content, the company will also to the lecturer pay rewards and some appropriate compensation.
    The activities of the circular, all subsidiaries employees get a positive response and enthusiastic participation, by the end of September 11th applicants has reached more than 40, at present the registration staff is for the upcoming trial doing active preparation selection.
    With the rapid development of society and economy, the deepening of reform and opening up, the development of enterprises is restricted by enterprise employee professional quality is not high, such as the old concepts, knowledge of aging, lack of skills and so on, in a word, it is the quality of the laborers can not adapt to the new requirements of social economy and enterprise development. With the sea project smoothly, Shandong Lu Yu entered the group development of the track, so comprehensively improve staff quality, improve the enterprise's competitive ability, has become a top priority. So who will shoulder the burden of promoting enterprise culture, heritage of new skills, new knowledge of the company? No doubt is the internal trainer, under this background, comprehensive subsidiary, Shandong Lu Yu Group Human Resource Center views of the various departments, in September organized internal lecturer selection activity, through this activity, hope to be able to select can not only used by the company, not only to provide training and development stage for the employees, providing more talent reserve communication company culture, new technology, new ideas.