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    Xihua university experts to come to my group
    Article source : LUYUGROUP Add time : 2015-01-07 Page view:
    2014823 years on, Zhang Junfu of the Xihua University School of mechanical engineering and Automation Department of basic teaching minister, mechanical and electronic engineering and automation department director Qin Fujun, industrial design and packaging engineering department director Deng Xingqiao a pedestrian to my group to visit my group sea rubber equipment manufacturing Co Ltd electric chief engineer Ceng Zhiqing, group director of human resources Zhou Min personally receive Zhang Ling, Liu Lei and other related personnel to participate in the reception, 3.
    Morning in the company conference room, director of the Xihua University first week on behalf of the group of a row of expert visit a warm welcome, and invited guests watched the propaganda film company. Then Zhou director will I group development history, the present development situation and the future development planning to the experts in detail next was chief engineer to experts introduced sea rubber demand for job shop production automation and production of products of high intelligence,,.
    Xihua University Zhang sincerely to my group reception expressed his thanks, then, Zhang introduced the current development of the history of the development of Xihua University and College of mechanical engineering and the robot research room director Deng will focus to introduce research room of R & D results through the video data display for everyone to both cooperation on matters relating to the future has been seriously friendly negotiation,,.
    In recent years, along with the human costs continue to rise, the leadership attaches great importance to the group of hope group under each production subsidiary to the early realization of industrial automation, unmanned so workshop with universities, research institutions in close cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win complementary required the company to become the new idea of development,,.
    Xihua University experts also hope to common development relying on the Lu Yu group this platform to make their research results applied to realize the research of enterprise, school, room to realize their value in practical production,,!