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    Our company get the standardization good behavior AAA enterprise certification
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    By the National Standardization Management Committee commissioned, Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision Organization experts acceptance group of good behavior enterprises to my company AAA standard to create the project acceptance. The group of experts by listening to the reports, access to information, field of view, asked the relevant personnel and other forms, to the establishment of our company includes technical standards, management standards, work standards, the enterprise standard system, system operation, the company in the production, operation and management of the implementation of standardized management, standardized behavior, forming has good good economic and social effects of the carried out a careful evaluation and confirmation.
    Finally, after the study, the group of experts to form confirmation opinions, that my company in good behavior standardized create project sound institutions, well-organized, clear responsibilities, to play the role organizational guarantee for the system establishment, operation. Enterprise standard system can be established to meet the actual needs of the production and operation of enterprises, and strictly implement the organization, plays an important role on the Surety Company management coordination and orderly, improve product quality. Standardized management system established, the realization of network information management standards, improve the standardization of the management efficiency. Create work through the development of standards of good behavior, improve the management level of enterprises, promote the enterprise's economic benefit and social benefit, reached the enterprises standardized good behavior of AAA grade requirements.
    In the current plastic pipe products is no longer new situation of Shandong famous brand and famous brand products under the China cognizance, enterprise good behavior by AAA standards is a timely event. Enterprises standardized good behavior assessment to implement the series of national standard system as the core content, the purpose is to strengthen the enterprise standardization work, improve the comprehensive quality of enterprises. Good behavior standardized requirements for enterprises to establish and perfect the enterprise standard system, and effective operation; all aspects of production and operation has been the implementation of standardized management, and achieved good economic benefit and social benefit. This is the company brand strength affirmation.
    The company has always been to improve product quality, improve enterprise management, establish brand image to be caught as the primary goal, the establishment and implementation of including technical standards, management standards, standards, perfect the enterprise standard system, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in the industry, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system certification. The active use of domestic and foreign advanced standards in production and business activities, formulate strict national standards of corporate internal control standards, the company improve product quality, improve the efficiency of management played a good role.